The Institute for Strategic Studies

According to Law on the National Security Council, the Council may set up a working group and have an independent research entity to work on the issues deemed necessary as related to the vitality important directions for national interests and national security as well as domestic and international developments.


Enkhtuvshin Tsagaandari

Secretary of the National Security Council

On July 10, 2009 President of Mongolia Elbegdorj Tsahia issued a decree that appointed Enkhtuvshin Tsagaandari as Secretary of the National Security Council. 

Activities of the National Security Council

The National Security Council is the highest state consultative organization that examines elaboration and implementation of Mongolia’s national security policy. The legal basis of the Council’s activities is the Constitution, Law on National Security and other related legislation.

Executive Office of the Council

The Executive Office of the Council has the functions to support the members of the Council to fulfill their duties in ensuring national security. It also has duties to organize and coordinate inter- and intra-government institutions in implementing national security policy and monitor their activities.