A scientific conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the National Security Council of Mongolia was held on May 25, 2022 in the “Consultation” hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

          B.Battumur, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy of the State Great Hural, D.Tsogtbaatar, Member of the State Great Hural, and the President of Mongolia took part in the conference. Ts. Togoo, Defense Policy Advisor, E. Odbayar, Foreign Policy Advisor to the President, heads of organizations with special functions to ensure national security, successive leaders of the National Security Council, experts, directors of security research institutes and security Researchers and researchers were invited to participate.

        In his opening remarks, J. Enkhbayar, Secretary of the National Security Council, said that at a time when Mongolia's external and internal security environment is changing, there is a need to further improve the national security system and improve the activities in this area. emphasized.

         Officials, scholars and researchers invited to the conference summarized the National Security Council's contribution to Mongolia's national security over the past 30 years, shared their views and opinions on national security, and had an active discussion. initiated.