Starting from the morning of August 30, 2023, someone has been spreading false information that may harm national security, such as "the border military units and branches located near the southern border of Mongolia have been transferred to the interior of the country, from the border area of the country to the neighboring country." uploaded and distributed by people and groups on social networks.

In 1962, the border agreement was signed between the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of China. In 1962-1964, the country's border was marked on the ground, and it was registered in the United National Organization in 1975. Therefore, the integrity of the country's border is fully protected by domestic laws and international agreements.

A person or a group of persons who deliberately organized and prepared false and harmful information that harmed the reputation of the President of Mongolia and the Chairman of the National Security Council, and deliberately spread national unity, and which may damage the relations between friendly neighboring countries. In order to identify and stop actions against national security, law enforcement agencies are conducting relevant inspections.

Therefore, the general public should not be swayed by clearly false and harmful news and information that threatens the national security of Mongolia and that incites the public to commit serious crimes against national security, organized and disseminated. We advise and warn you to use news and information.